Philips wants to light up your house with green bacterial goo

Philips certainly has some crazy ideas about how we're going to live in the future, and one of them involves using huge wall-mounted vats of bioluminescent bacteria to provide soft green light at night.

Given the chance, some types of bacteria are perfectly happy to just hang out and light themselves up. They won't do it for free, but you can just feed them household (and human) waste (which has been digested by other bacteria to form methane gas) and that'll keep them going indefinitely.


As long as you keep all of these little buggers happy and healthy, you'll never need to worry about things like changing light bulbs, paying electric bills, or even power outages. Just keep on, um, producing waste, and you'll have all the alien mood-lightning you could ever want.

Philips, via Gizmag

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