Parasitic augmented reality lets you control workers from afar

Imagine being in one of those movie scenes where you have to defuse the ticking time bomb. Now imagine that instead of getting nervous verbal instructions via phone, you actually had a pair of holographic hands guiding yours to a successful solution. This is now a reality.

AIST and Professor Maeda at Osaka University developed this wearable augmented reality guidance system to allow experts to directly guide the hands of humans at far away locations. Although the effect is powerful, the actual set-up is surprisingly simple, including a head-mounted display, a Panasonic laptop and an HD camera. And, in classic weird Japan fashion, the in-house name for the set-up is sufficiently weird: it's called the "Parasitic Humanoid" system. You can see the ghostly "parasitic" control system in action in the video below.

Via Diginfo

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