Nook Tablet leaked before November 7 unveil event

A new Nook is going to be announced on Monday. We're certain of that. We've got invites to touch it. Too bad its entire spec sheet has been leaked out. Read on for all the goodies.

The Nook Color 2 is going to be called the Nook Tablet. It's not much of a departure from the Nook Color in terms of appearance — .02-inches thinner and .9 inches lighter according to the leak that SlashGear obtained. That silly handle on the corner is still there and the screen is still a 7-inch VividView IPS display.

Inside is a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (micro SD card slot supports 32GB). New to the Nook Tablet — software-wise — will be Hulu Plus, Real Simple and The New Yorker and games.

It'll cost $250 and come in a Wi-Fi only model — the same as the Nook Color when it launched last year. The soon-to-be old Nook Color will go down to $200.

Fighting Amazon Fire With Nook Tablet

Looking at the leaked internal docs, it's blatantly clear that Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet is targeting the Kindle Fire (there's a direct comparison chart).


Even though the Nook Tablet will cost $50 more than the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble says these are the selling points of the Nook Tablet over the Kindle Fire:

  • Over twice as much internal storage (16GB vs. 6GB)
  • Twice the RAM
  • Expandable storage via micro SD slot
  • Twice the selection of content — 2 million books, newspapers and magazines
  • Free in-store support at Barnes & Noble bookstores
  • Lighter
  • Best Kids Experience
  • Web browser isn't monitored — no privacy concerns (Amazon Silk is raising concerns)

We'll be gathering our hands-on of the device on Monday, so stay tuned. But for now, it doesn't look like the Nook Color's successor is straying too far from its original design. It's a very Apple-esque move to release a new product with a new name, slightly tweaked body and beefier guts and release it at the same price a year later.

So, e-reader fans. Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet?

Via SlashGear

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