Nook SimpleTouch now $99, no screensaver ads in sight

In addition to announcing the new Nook Tablet, Barnes & Noble updated its Nook SimpleTouch touchscreen E Ink e-reader. Barely six months old, the new Nook SimpleTouch looks virtually identical to the old one — only it's now faster and cheaper. Best of all, the speed boosts are available as a software update.

Barnes & Noble made it clear as day that it was attacking Amazon and its new army of Kindles. The new Nook SimpleTouch is now only $99 (down from $139) and ready to go head to head with the Kindle Touch.

In addition to the cheaper sub-$100 price tag, the Nook SimpleTouch is now 25 percent faster than any other e-reader and boasts faster page turns (450 milliseconds zippier!) than ever before. We didn't feel the milliseconds was perceivable, but hey, it's faster!

Text should look crisper (better anti-aliasing) thanks to the Nook's "Best-Text" rendering.

Battery life has also been improved to last two months on a single charge (based on reading one hour per day), which is impressive, but maybe not that big of a deal. Plus, that two month figure is with your Wi-Fi off, so if you typically leave it on, expect to be charging more often.

The biggest advantage that the Nook SimpleTouch has over the Kindle Touch is obviously it being an ad-free device. Kindle Touch owners are stuck with Amazon's screensaver ads unless they pay $40 to turn them off. The Nook SimpleTouch is ad-free, now and (hopefully) forever.

Brand-new Nook SimpleTouch e-readers will ship with all the upgraded speed boosts and features, whereas existing Simple Touch e-reader owners can download the 1.1 update from the Nook website.

Via Barnes & Noble

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