New LED bulbs are too beautiful to be hidden inside lamps

These designer LED light bulbs are so striking that you can almost forgive them for not being powered by lasers. Almost.

Created by German company Ledo, these LED bulbs have an outline just like incandescent bulbs to make swapping the former for the latter a cinch. But that's where all similarities end: the LED bulbs are made from solid aluminum, with 11 super bright LEDs arranged to illuminate a full 330-degree volume just as well as a 60 watt incandescent bulb, while using only 11 watts worth of energy.

These bulbs look the way they do because they've been engineered to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Cooling fins are the most traditional way to do this, but using conical designs can also be effective, since the cones form "air ducts" of sorts to help transfer heat away from the bulb.

With a lifetime of 80,000 hours, each one of these bulbs should last you 80 years (!) under typical use. That sounds great, but you have to wonder what sorts of lighting technology we'll have going on eighty years from now (that's 2091). Heck, we'll probably figured out a way to shoot lasers out of our eyeballs by then.

Bulled, via DesignBoom