New laser procedure turns brown eyes blue, for good

Have you always wanted blue eyes, but are stuck with boring old brown eyes? Well, a doctor in California has come up with a way to turn someone's brown eyes blue in just 20 seconds.

The procedure uses lasers to remove the brown pigment, melanin, from the top layer of the iris. Once that's been zapped, the eye will slowly turn from brown to blue over the course of a couple of weeks (that photo above shows it partway through that process). It seems to work well, although you'd better be dead-set on having baby blues, as it's irreversible. Once that pigment is gone, it isn't coming back.

The procedure is currently undergoing trials on people, but they hope to have it available for people here in the States within the next couple of years for $5,000 or so. Save your pennies!

Via The Daily Mail

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