NASA might create the world's coolest tool lending library

When someone working at NASA needs a new tool, they don't exactly head down to the nearest Home Depot with a purchase order. Because so many of the tools are really specialized, they tend to get custom built to order. Now NASA might create a lending library to cut costs while keeping track of all their ultra-cool custom tech tools.

NASA works with a huge number of subcontractors, so there tends to be a lot of inefficiency in the tool procurement procedures. One company will order some ultra expensive new tool, when another department already has the exact same tool and no longer uses it. The library is designed to keep track of everything and make matches whenever possible.

The library is the bright idea of Matthew Ritsko, who happens to be a financial manager at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. He put the idea forward for consideration under President Obama's SAVE Initiative, which awards the best money saving plan with a trip to present the idea to directly to the President.

You can vote for Matthew's library on the White House website, but don't start thinking that you're going to be able to borrow a titanium and carbon fiber air wrench to work on your car over the weekend. The library will only be available to NASA employees.

SAVE Initiative, via Treehugger

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