Modern Warfare 3's dominance continues unabated

Modern Warfare 3 has grossed a whopping $775M worldwide in the first five days since its release on November 8 according to manufacturer Activision. This shatters the previous five day worldwide sales record held by its predecessor Call of Duty: Black Ops which brought in $650M when released last year.

We'd tell you who held the record before that, but we think you've guessed by now.

Other records are being slayed — MW3 has been named the best selling videogame launch of all time at each of North America's top five retailers.

The game also set a new Xbox Live record with 3.3M players in a single day.

Had enough of Call of Duty? You are apparently the only gamer on the planet who has. According to last week's Xbox Live activity charts Call of Duty games ranked in three of the top four slots: MW3 at one, Black Ops at two, and MW2 at fourth.


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