Mobile games will look like Xbox 360 games with quad-core power

As of late, we're hearing more and more about mobile devices packing quad-core processors like Nvidia's Tegra 3. But what kind of power can quad-core get the end-user? Graphics and visual effects that nearly rival the Xbox 360. 2012 is going to rock.

In this Nvidia demo reel for the Tegra 3, you can see that the games look incredible. Bladeslinger, Shadowgun and Riptide GP are already visually impressive games, but with quad-cores, the effects are wilder — higher frame rates (60 FPS), camera splash effects, motion blur, water droplets, aging effects, damage effects, weather effects, etc.

It's not just more realistic graphics that Tegra 3's quad-core processing will bring, but also better battery life for mobile devices, faster Web browsing, even faster game loading times, and my favorite — game controller support.

Nvidia is boasting that you'll be able to connect a Tegra 3 mobile device — smartphone or tablet — to an HDTV and then use a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Logitech, etc. controller to play the mobile games. Basically, when hooked up to a HDTV, the tablet or smartphone becomes the game console in the living room. It's a scary and insanely cool thought rolled in one.

Five years ago, it would have been insane to even think a mobile device would have the same power as a 360 or PS3.

Via Phandroid

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