Microsoft in talks with TV makers to include built-in Kinect

Having a gesture-detecting peripheral for Xbox 360 and plans for a refined PC version of Kinect isn't enough for Microsoft. It wants Kinect to become the new remote control from the moment you unbox your new TV.

The Daily says it's learned that Microsoft is cozying up with TV makers like Sony and Vizio in the hopes it can license its Kinect technology out to them for integrated TVs.

Naturally, Kinect is a great fit for controlling TVs. You can already use Kinect to control Netflix. And the new Xbox 360 dashboard update will bring better voice control. A TV with Kinect could do great things for lazy couch potatoes.

The rush to "revolutionize" TV with new input interfaces is officially on. With Apple rumored to be building a TV with Siri voice control and Samsung jumping onto the Google TV bandwagon, Microsoft's sure not going to be left out.

Sony might not sit too well with Kinect in its HDTVs (its PlayStation 3 is Xbox 360's rival), but other TV set makers might. As long as the price is kept within reason, it should be alright.

The Daily, via VG247

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