Microsoft has a social network too: Socl, for socializing search

Google's not the only one who wants a slice of the pie Facebook and Twitter so prominently own, Microsoft is building its own social network called Socl. It's a social network for social searching. Do we really need this?

The Verge's Thomas Houston had special early look at Socl and reports that while it feels familiar to Facebook and Google+, it's really a different kind of beast altogether.

Cutting to the good bits, Houston says that Socl is really about using Bing's sophisticated search and predictive algorithms as well as your friends' answers to answer your own search queries. The point is to get more refined searches that are likely more catered to your specific needs, instead of a general suggestion you'd get from regular Google or Bing.

As a secret research project, Socl lets you follow friends, post status updates or search query status updates, post notes on your feed, watch YouTube videos together and tag searches so you can keep tabs on topics you care about.

The downside is that Socl can't do "private messaging, replies @ people, and no private sharing options like Google+'s "Circles."

Like we've said before, the social network space is already super crowded. How people find time to manage their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn networks is beyond me. The Verge says that private testing should be needing soon and Microsoft's planning a public release via invites.

So who wants another social network fix? Anybody?

Via hThe Verge

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