Microsoft using hot, crispy bacon to lure Amazon, Google employees

Last week Microsoft parked a "Bacon Cart" outside of Amazon's office with the promise of free bacon for all. It came with a message: "Wake Up and Smell the Future."

As if bacon itself wasn't enough to draw a crowd, apparently the message was a not just about the powerful olfactory lure of the meat candy on offer. Smelling the future also meant "Come Work for Microsoft."

Why the innovative use of bacon? Facing a shortage on the Kinect for Windows team, Microsoft needed to double their staff of engineers. But with Google, Amazon and Adobe also located in the same city, competition for top engineers is tough. They needed a hook to get folks to jump ship, and what better hook than free meat?

Microsoft teamed up with ad agency Wexley School for Girls to find an idea that would grab some attention. It seems the idea delivered. Having staked out Amazon and caused a stir with bacon served with a subtle side of recruitment, the Bacon Cart will soon be heading to the other tech firms in Seattle.

No word yet on how many wannabe Microsoft engineers or latent Homer Simpsons were lured by the stunt, but let's face it — the Bacon Recruitment Cart has sizzle!

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