Meet the world's lightest material, made from 99.99% air

Carbon fiber and Kevlar may seem lightweight to most of us, but they're nothing compared to some of the high-tech materials being created for the military. Aerogel was pretty impressive, but this new micro-lattice material is even lower in density at a mere 0.9-mg/cm.

To put that number into some perspective, a 10x10x10-ft cube of this stuff would weigh less than one ounce. The structure is built using hollow tubes with walls that are less than one thousandth the thickness of a human hair.

Created for DARPA by a group of scientists from Cal Tech, UC Irvine and HRL Labs, the material can absorb massive amounts of energy, and will be used for battery electrodes, catalyst supports, and shock energy damping.

Now all they need is a catchy name.

HRL Labs, via PopSci

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