Medicated contact lenses make yucky eye drops obsolete

If you need eye drops for allergies or any other eye issues, you know how uncomfortable dripping those drops onto your eyeball can be. That nasty feeling might soon be just a distant memory, once these medicated contact lenses get approved.

The Smart Lenses were developed by a team at Auburn University in Alabama, and can deliver a steady dose of medication for up to two weeks at a time. That means you won't need to remember to take more drops every couple of hours, and you eyes will get a dose that doesn't wash away with your tears the way drops do after you put them in.

The lenses can be made to correct your vision as they medicate, or you can get them with no correction if you have good vision or still prefer to use your glasses.

The idea is pretty similar to a concept we saw a couple of years back, but these look like they're much closer to actual production.

Now all they need is some way to make putting in contacts a bit more comfortable.

Auburn University, via Gizmag

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