Martin Aircraft tries to convince you that jetpacks are practical

We all want jetpacks, but the only way they'll ever be affordable is if they're good for something besides being a plot device for James Bond movies. Martin Aircraft, the guys who have one of the few commercially available jetpacks in existence, have some thoughts about why these things might actually make sense.

You'll have to take all this with a grain of salt, 'cause Martin obviously has an interest in selling as many of their jetpacks as possible to whoever can pony up the $100,000 it takes to buy one, and they'll say whatever it takes to make it happen. But that doesn't mean they don't have some halfway decent ideas, and besides, the more jetpacks Martin manages to build and sell, the cheaper they'll get, so you and I have some incentive to spread the hype as much as we can.

Practical application number one is rapid emergency response. Say some bad accident happens in the middle of rush hour, when there's no good way to get EMTs on the scene short of a helicopter. If they had jetpacks, though, they could travel to just about anywhere in minutes, and the ability to safely land in a small area gives jetpacks options that helicopter's just don't have.

Practical application number two is search and rescue. Finding someone who's lost (and possibly injured) in rugged terrain usually involves a whole bunch of airplanes and helicopters, but dudes in jetpacks are a lot more maneuverable, able to get into all of those nooks and crannies where someone might be doing their level best to unhide.

Can you guess what practical application number three is? I'll bet you can: how could you be in the military and not desperately want one of these. Beyond the obvious advantages of being able to travel fast and far, the jetpack can also operate entirely unmanned, autonomously delivering supplies or lifting out wounded or doing anything else you want.

So are you convinced that people are going to order enough commercial jetpacks to drive the price down enough so that poor sods like you and I will be able to afford one? No? Well, would a slick PR video convince you? Yeah it would! Check it out below.

Via Martin Aircraft

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