Mad Catz's modular controller lets you have three analog sticks

As tech junkies and gamers, we've seen a fair amount of crazy controllers — mostly lookers, but not really functional ones — but we've never seen a controller like Mad Catz's Pro Circuit for Xbox 360 and PS3. The Pro Circuit is modular controller that lets you rip all the analogs and D-pad off and interchange them in any position.

With a pop of the faceplate and a twist to unlock the analogs and D-pad modules, customization couldn't be any simpler. You can see in my configuration (photo on top) that I've swapped out a D-pad for an analog stick, giving the controller three analogs. Fighting fans will flip desks over the swap of the D-Pad, but I happen to like using an analog for Street Fighter IV or Tekken.

Mad Catz says the Pro Circuit is built for Major League Gaming (MLG) players and was designed with feedback from the MLG Pro Circuit. With that in mind, do know that the controllers are wired (professional gamers don't use wireless!).

Not only are the analogs and D-pad modular, but the wrist grips have magnetic faceplates that can pop off (for swapping with more rubbery grips) and the back of the controller has removable weights that can be adjusted.

Mad Catz hasn't talked about pricing (it'll be competitive with other "pro gaming" gear"), but did say the Pro Circuit modular controller is on track to ship by the end of December.

Via Mad Catz

All photos taken with a prototype Nokia Lumia 800 for DVICE by Raymond Wong.

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