LG's new 3D TVs have almost no bezel, fulfills our sci-fi dreams

UPDATE: LG's requested the photo of the sexy TV be taken down.

3D TVs keep getting thinner and thinner with all those fancy LEDs, OLEDs and trying to hide all the components in their stands. Thin is nice, but most HD/3D TVs still have a honking fat black bezel around the screen. LG's new flagship 3D TVs prove that having no bezel is the future.

Bezels are used as frames to keep your eyes focused on the picture. Without a bezel, an merely looks like painting floating in midair or hung up on a wall. LG's Cinema 3D TV 55LM9600 and 55LM8600 just scooped up the "CES Innovations Awards in the Video Display" category.

LG's light on specs but being high-end 3D TVs, it's almost a given these 55-inch monsters are going to have 1080p HD resolution. Doesn't it remind you of something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Man, this is what every TV should look like. I don't care if it's a premium TV or a bargain bin one. All TVs must go bezel free.

PRNewswire, via The Verge

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