LG app lets your employer control a little corner of your phone

Anyone who works in an office these days has likely run into this: your beloved smartphone won't sync with your employer's secure email client. As a result, sometimes companies make you carry a separate phone just for business. LG wants to make it so that you already are carrying that separate phone, just a button press away.

Hence the idea behind LG's schizophrenic "dual persona" enterprise phone from Verizon. In a personal mode, the phone looks and acts just like any normal Android smartphone. But tap the VMware app icon, and you get a whole different Android phone, securely provisioned by your company's IT department to manage company email, applications, data, etc. It's all available "very shortly," according to an LG spokesperson.

The phone pictured is a specially provisioned LG Revolution (you can't just add the VMware app to a normal Android phone), but there are several dual-persona LG models on the way.

Via VMware

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