Kindle Fire as fast as iPad 2 in Web browsing, faster for Netflix

As of yesterday, the Kindle Fire is officially out. Are your still on the fence about the $200 tablet? Perhaps this speed test comparison video against the iPad 2 will convince you that the Kindle Fire is a fairly capable tablet.

Jeff Benjamin over at iDownloadBlog decided to pit the new Kindle Fire against an iPad 2 in three crucial tests: boot up, Web browsing and Netflix video streaming and here's what he discovered. Keep in mind that his tests aren't scientific by any means and real-world use will vary depending on Internet connection speeds, but it does make you take notice.

In the boot up test, the iPad 2 smokes the Kindle Fire despite both having dual-core processors and the Fire same amount of RAM (512MB). Jeff also notes that the iPad 2 had lots more installed apps. In any case, iOS must be super lean, because the Fire loses badly.

Moving on to the Web browsing speed test, it appears the Kindle Fire's Silk browser keeps up with the iPad 2 for the most part. A few Flash ad banners slowed it down, but the important stuff — the content — loaded up just fine.

Finally, in the Netflix streaming video comparison, the Fire easily beats the iPad 2 in terms of loading up a video (not for opening the app). Jeff describes it as "blazing fast."

The takeaway is that the Kindle Fire is a fast tablet for Web browsing and watching streaming video, which is great, because those are what tablets are mainly used for anyway. You can see in the video that the scrolling is nowhere near as smooth as the iPad 2's, but for $200, what do you really expect to get?

Via iDownloadBlog

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