Japan wants to build 'backup' Tokyo in case of more earthquakes

You should always backup your data, but backing up an entire city — Tokyo, to be precise — sounds kind of out of this world, doesn't it? The Japanese government thinks it's totally necessary to have a "backup" city to evacuate to.

According to World Architecture News, Japan wants to build a new city 300 miles west of Tokyo that would become the interim capital, in the event of a devastating natural disaster such as another powerful earthquake.

The "backup" city is tentatively named "IRTBBC" (Integrated Resort, Tourism, Business and Backup City) and will have "all the vital functions of government, with duplicate facilities for parliament, ministries but also include office complexes, resort facilities, casinos, parks and the tallest tower in the world at 652 metres." The Japanese government is hoping the IRTBBC will be able to support 50,000 residents.

Since when is having casinos and the tallest tower in the world imperative for a spare city that won't even be populated unless required?

While it's important to have a strategic plan on how to handle a state of emergency, building a backup city sounds ridiculous. What if something happens to the both Tokyo and the IRTBCC and both crumble from an earthquake? Will they make a second backup city for the first backup city?

World Architecture News, via Inhabitat

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