Japan looks to its old buildings for futuristic inspiration

Although Japan remains one of the oldest cultures around with a modern footprint, the country is nevertheless constantly on the forefront of building design futurism. Oddly, some of its wildest buildings are also some of its oldest.

A new exhibit in Tokyo now attempts to delve deeper into the minds of the architects behind those aesthetics. The Mori Museum is hosting the new exhibit titled Metabolism: City of the Future, which features a number of displays that help flesh out the full vision of Japan's architects for future cities. The exhibit also preserves the dream embodied by the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building which was built in 1972, but is scheduled to be demolished soon.

The exhibit lasts until January 15, 2012, but if you can't get to Japan, you can see more images from the exhibit in the gallery below.

Via Designboom

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