iShred: a snowboard with a built-in iPad Steve Jobs would love

When Steve Jobs passed away, Apple fans around the world created tributes and homages, but Every Third Thursday's might just be one of the best ones yet. The design gurus built a snowboard with an iPad in it and took to the snowy slopes!

It's not the first time we've seen something embedded into a snowboard. Last time it was an E Ink display, but an iPad definitely trumps it.

The ETT team wanted to create something Steve Jobs would be proud of, meaning its design had to be clean and minimalistic. To accomplish the task, ETT team cut the snowboard's base out of aluminum and attached a logo that lights up on the underside. Wires are all hidden and the iPad is tightly locked into the front of the board.

Despite some initial skepticism, the aluminum-cut base works really well on snow, all while playing some The Black Keys with a navigation app running. You'll definitely never get lost on a trail ever again.

About the only thing that would make the iShred even crazier is if they cut a hole for the iPad 2's rear camera for HD video recording. Now that would be sick.

Via Mpora

(Thanks Susan!)

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