iPhone 4S faces crisis as iOS update brings a mountain of issues

Uh oh, trouble in Apple paradise! Remember how the latest iOS 5.0.1 update was pushed out and was supposed to fix battery issues, but didn't? Turns out there's more problems plaguing iPhone 4S's across the globe — signal problems. Here we go again.

Razorian Fly compiled together a summary of a huge Apple Discussions Thread with complaints about the iPhone 4S dropping bars randomly, not being able to send text messages or make calls and 3G just whacking out as if possessed.

One guy called "iRock_" even said he believed it was a micro SIM card issue. iRock_ swapped out his SIM with his girlfriend's card and out it his iPhone 4S had no probs. He then went to his carrier and swapped out his old one for a new one and his iPhone 4S now works fine under 5.0.1.

While these can be isolated cases, the fact that there are several threads on Apple's Discussion board reporting issues after updating to 5.0.1 along with our own battery-related problems means that it's more than just a little bug.

Whoever's sitting at Apple's quality control switchboard must need a smack, because the latest update is really messing things up for a lot iPhone users.

Via Razorian Fly

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