Control your phone Dick Tracy style with the I'm Watch

At first glance this might look like one of those iPod Nano watches, but it's really a whole lot more. The I'm Watch from Italy actually packs a tiny version of Android 1.6, which allow it to be tethered to your full sized smartphone.

Once the link with your iPhone or Android smartphone is established, the I'm Watch will work as a speakerphone (calling Dick Tracy), email, Facebook, and Twitter client, and can even access pictures and music from your phone. Battery life is a bit sketchy at around a half a day with heavy use, or two days if you just hang it on your wrist unused.

Apart from the hideously stupid name, the I'm Watch looks pretty cool, although its $410 starting price is downright cold. If that's not enough, blinged-up titanium, gold and jeweled versions will be available for more. Shipments are slated to begin in January, although seeing as I'm is made by an Italian company, you can probably count on that deadline slipping a little. Windows and BlackBerry version will follow later.

The intro video is kind of pretentious, so skip in to about 2:30 if you actually want to learn something about the watch.

ImWatch, via Gadget Lab

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