Iguana Yachts puts some tank all up in your boat

I don't know what the point of having a boat is if you can't drive it on land. I mean, there's just so much cool stuff to do on land, what with swimming pools and aquariums and water parks and such. All of these problems are now solved with with the Iguana: a boat with retractable tank treads.

Just to be clear, this is not a concept. The iguana is a 29 foot speedboat that can power through the water at up to 40 knots, but when you've gone everywhere there is to go that's wet, just deploy a pair of actual all-terrain TANK TREADS out of the sides of the boat and drive around on land at up to five mph.

Just try and imagine all of the things you couldn't do with this boat. Drawing a blank, aren't you? Oh, and James Bond just called and wants to be your new best friend, provided you can scrounge up the $290,000 that the Iguana will probably cost.

Check out the Iguana in action in the video below.

Iguana, via Gizmag

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