Hands-free video cradle helps the iPhone track your every move

The enhanced video recording abilities of the iPhone has inspired a new breed of videographer, but what happens if you want to step in front of the camera but don't have a friend handy to man the tripod? Now there's an automated solution that will let you become a truly one-man-show.

The Swivl is a hands-free cradle that allows your camera phone to track your movements as your record video. You simply attach a sensor clip to your body and the Swivl will track you as you record a presentation or even engage in a live video chat. The device is built to support the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone, GoPro, or Flip (it doesn't support DSLR cameras, yet). The company expects to start shipping the Swivl in early 2012 for $159, but you can reserve yours now here, and see the device in action in the video below.

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