Gorgeous Steampunk PC celebreates early mechanical computers

We've been fans of steampunk artist Datamancer for many years, but this new creation he calls The Clacker takes the whole steampunk aesthetic to a new level of coolness. Best of all, he plans to offer it for sale soon.

Taking inspiration from the mechanical computers created by Englishman Charles Babbage in the 1800s, The Clacker features a set of brass mechanical gears that spin around as the PC works. As usual, Datamancer's attention to detail is stunning, including a pair of vintage Atwater Kent speakers retrofitted with modern components, and an engraved mouse pad showing a map of the world. When completed, the PC will have a projector inside the case that spills flickering light through the case, giving the impression that the screen image is projected rather than a modern LCD flat panel.

While it's still a work in progress, Datamancer says he will offer The Clacker for sale when completed.

Datamancer, via Unplgged

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