Geek's epic rap hypes fans up for Bethesda's anticipated Skyrim

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out this Friday and what better way to prep yourself than with a rap video spitting out lyrics about dragons, alchemy and warriors? Yep, this stuff is gold.

YouTuber "douglby" is one helluva an Elder Scrolls fan who's really excited for Skyrim because only a fan would would make a video like this. I won't spoil it here for you (just watch the video below).

In other Skyrim news, Wired reports that Bethesda is already working on DLC for the game and that the developer is not planning to "do a lot of it." Instead of serving up more frequent DLC packs, Bethesda's plan is to do less DLC, but make sure each one packs a substantial amount of gameplay.

But that's after the Skyrim team takes a vacation after the game launches on 11/11/11. Between this game and Modern Warfare 3. This weekend is a great one to sit in and just game.

In addition to the rap video, you can also see the latest "The World of Skyrim" trailer that Bethesda just released on their official YouTube channel here.

YouTube, via Geeks Are Sexy

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