Gallery: crashed Ferrari crammed into a coffee table

What's your coffee table made out of? Mahogany? Beech? Marble? Check this coffee table out. It has a compacted Ferrari inside. What some people may call garbage, designer Charly Molinelli calls art and um, furniture.

Personally, I find it little on the ugly side — can't even see any of the sleek curves. Molinelli says that the total cost to recycle and create the coffee table was about 10,000 Euros or about $13,500.

Don't worry, Molinelli's not keeping it for himself. It was made for a secret client. Somewhere, car buff and talk show host Jay Leno is probably crying inside to see a Ferrari in this condition.

Peep up the coffee table in the gallery yonder.

Molinelli Design, via UberReview

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