Gallery: Childhood toys reborn as the coolest lamps you've ever seen

We all loved our Star Wars or He-Man or G.I. Joe action figures when we were young. The idea of giving them away is horrifying, but there's that need to convince the world you've grown up to be a hip adult. Problem solved: the guys from Evil Robot Designs will transform them into lamps that elevate your toy fetish to art.

The duo of "Evil Ed" and "Dan Robotic" start with old actions figures from some of our favorite cartoons, movies and TV shows — The Matrix, Shrek, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Spider-Man and more. They sculpt them into heroic poses, and finish with a high gloss paint.

Right now there are four standard models, which you can see in the gallery below — Matrix Black, White Witch, Pixar Black and the jaw dropping Super Red. Rest easy though — Evil Robot Designs will do commissioned pieces.

Time to raid your Mom's basement and pull out that box of action figures she keeps bugging you about. Now they can have a second chance at life — rising from the ashes of obscurity to an exalted place in your swanky, artsy pad.

See any action figures you recognize?

Evil Robot Designs, via Lost At E Minor, via freshome

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