Flat-pack solar pillows could light up the developing world

We all take electricity for granted. We're doing it right now, as I'm typing this on my computer and you're reading it on yours. But forget about electricity; much of the developing world doesn't even have a reliable source of light after sunset. The LuminAID could help change that.

Like all the best stuff, the LuminAID is a very simple concept executed in a very well thought-out way. It's an inflatable plastic pillow with a solar panel facing outward, bright LEDs facing inward, and a couple of coin-cell batteries all sealed inside a waterproof covering. Six hours of sunlight yields about 5 hours of bright, diffuse light in a cheap, reliable package that you can deflate and pack completely flat. LuminAIDs can help students study longer, help business stay open later, and they're great for emergencies and disaster relief, too.


For just $25, you can get a LuminAID of your own, and another one will be sent to someone who'll probably use it as more than just a novelty. You won't find a much better deal than this, since the best kind of giving is when you get something for yourself at the same time.

LuminAID, via Indie GoGo, via Inhabitat

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