Eye Asteroids: World's first eye-controlled video game

The past few years has seen a lot of innovation in the realm of game controllers. From motion controllers to touchscreens to tablets like the Wii U, we've come a long way from the tried-and-tested joystick. Now we may have the most groundbreaking controller yet: your eyes.

Eye Asteroids is the first eye-controlled arcade game, created by Tobii, a company that develops eye-tracking tech. Debuting at New York's Dave & Buster's arcade this week, the game has just one button, and you only press it once to start. Once you do, the game uses a strip of infrared sensors below the screen to scan your eyes and calibrate the system. Then it's up to you to defend the planet Earth from flying rocks — by looking at them. As soon as your eyes fix on something, a big red laser zaps it, though you have to be careful not to destroy the health bonuses. A little head movement is thrown in to avoid radiation belts.

You can play Eye Asteroids even if you have glasses, though your mileage may vary depending on how powerful your prescription is (mine are pretty strong, and the game struggled to react at times). Tobii's only making a run of 50 units, selling them at $15,000 a pop, relatively expensive for arcade systems. The company also hopes to have its eye-tracking tech in other products like laptops within a couple of years (Tobii built a prototype with Lenovo earlier this year). Who knows? Soon you might be able to fire up an application just by looking at its icon. As long as the Tweet button stays strictly manual, count us in.

You can see more of Eye Asteroids in our video below.

Via Eye Asteroids

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