Massive Detonator electric bike lets you be both green and cool

Most big choppers are hardly what you might call earth friendly, but that doesn't mean you can't make an awesome looking electric bike.

At 11.5 feet long The Detonator looks especially intimidating, but this is a real working bike that you can buy.

The Detonator is basically an homage to a design of the same name created by Daniel Simon, the guy who made the Light Cycles for Tron: Legacy. You can check out Simon's original concept in the gallery, to see how close the Parker Brothers came.

As with the Parker Brothers built Tron Light Cycle replica we saw a couple of months ago, The Detonator is powered by two 96 volt motors that allow it to hit 120-mph with an 80-100 mile range.

This looks like just the thing for showing up at some Hollywood movie premiere, although instead of a loud exhaust burble, I expect it just makes some kind of electric whirring sound.

The Detonator is available in select markets for $100,000.

Parker Brothers Choppers, via Autopia

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