Darth Vader is now a land owner in Ukraine (we're not kidding)

It's pretty hard to argue with Darth Vader. Especially when he rocks up at the mayor's office demanding his own local share of the universe.

Following a decision made by the Ukrainian town of Odessa to grant citizens the right to own 1,000 square meters of land, Vader — accompanied by his own Imperial March music — waltzed in and made his application. His opening? "I am Darth Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine."

The land grant concept prompted public concerns about corruption. Darth Vader, no stranger to corruption saw the advantage in this and showed no qualms about calling out the local officials on potential dabblings with the dark side.

Upon arrival he announced, "…Knowing that many (local legislature) deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side… I have come for a land plot… for my space cruiser." This makes perfect sense to us.

Though the mayor's office now claims the land grant scheme was a mistake, they have not yet canceled it and accepted Vader's application — but only after demanding his de-helmeting and passport. The shame!

The local government remains firm on their position they aren't universal despots, with a spokesperson for the mayor telling Reuters, "We are not on the dark side, we are light-side people.

See a video posted by the mysterious man himself below.

Via Reuters

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