DARPA's Robo-Ostrich runs faster than Usain Bolt

DARPA seems to be developing a whole menagerie of robots these days. Hot on the heels of their four-legged Cheetah robot, comes news of this ostrich robot called FastRunner that will be able to outpace the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt.

In computer simulations FastRunner has already hit 30-mph, and its developers think that 50-mph should be no problem. The key is a spring-loaded articulated leg design, which needs only a single motor to operate. This means FastRunner can be light and agile, with a high stepping gait that lets it jump over low obstacles.

So are future wars going to be fought be robots like the cheetah, Big Dog, and FastRunner while human soldiers control them from a safe distance? Only time will tell.

IEEE Spectrum, via PopSci

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