Cute 'Little Printer' prints bite-sized news, info and more

This here is Berg Cloud's "Little Printer." It's an adorable little wireless printer that prints news subscriptions and all kinds of nuggets of info styled after a grocery receipt directly from your smartphone.

What kind of feeds can you print? Berg Cloud's partners are currently ARUP, Foursquare, The Guardian, Nike and Google, with more on the way.

The Little Printer connects directly to a broadband router (where's the wireless model?) and will print anything that you send to it from a paired mobile app on an iPhone or Android device. Things like sudoku puzzles, news headlines, to-do lists, and little love messages can be printed up.

The Little Printer is definitely cheery-looking enough, now the price just needs to be affordable. Pre-orders for the Little Printer start in 2012.

Want to see the Little Printer in action? You can do that here.

BergCloud, via Unplggd

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