Creepy spider robot slips into tight spots following disasters

Most robots can get around pretty well as long as your floor is flat and smooth, but they're pretty useless in a demolished building full of rubble. Spiders seem to be able to go anywhere, so this robot uses its spider like form to go places where other robots can't reach.

Created by those clever folks at Germany's Frauenhofer Institute, the prototype robot uses hydraulic bellows to move its legs, keeping at least four of its eight legs on the ground at all times for stability. The body can be equipped with a host of sensors, video cameras, and radiation monitors depending on the type of disaster being investigated.

Frauenhofer says that the robot can be reproduced cheaply using 3-D printers, not exactly what you want to hear if you're as petrified of spiders as I am.

Fraunhofer Institute, via Slashgear

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