Chinese man builds his own transforming Starscream Decepticon

There are Transformers fans who build Autobots and Decepticons out of scrap metal and then are fans like this Chinese guy who have the skills to build their own transformer that actually goes from vehicle to robot mode. Michael Bay and his CGI artists can't touch this.

This guy's DIY transformer isn't the prettiest, but it does have glowing LED lights for eyes and can transform into a jet. The robot isn't a hulking Bumblebee or Optimus Prime, but look at it. It's sharp fingers already have us creeped.

Incredible as this homemade transformer is, it would have been even better if it could move while in jet mode, but that's just us being greedy. Marvel at the scrappy transformer in our gallery below.

AcidCow, via TechEBlog

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