Gorgeous retro posters of our solar system's planets

This series of spectacular planetary posters is the work of artist Stephen Di Donato. They're styled after artwork from the 1960s, and include all eight planets but no icy dwarfs (I'm looking at you, Pluto).

The "Beyond Earth" series was funded (way over-funded, in fact) on Kickstarter, but luckily for you, you can still buy digital copies of all of these images in formats ranging from iPhone all the way up to monstrous desktop (2650x1440). You get 88 (!) different images in total, including multiple formats for each poster, for a mere $10. That may have been a bunch of money in 1960, but nowdays, it's chump change, so improve your life and buy yourself a set.

We've got a gallery of all the posters below, and head over to the artist's website for all the details.

Beyond Earth, via Laughing Squid

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