Auto sliding door turns your house into the Enterprise

The halls and rooms of the Enterprise (I'm picturing TNG, here) would look more or less like some moderately fancy hotel it if weren't for those sweet automatic sliding doors. It turns out that you don't have to wait until the 24th century to get some pneumatic doors of your own, it just takes some skill, patience, and DIY knowledge.

The doors in the TV show, of course, weren't nearly this fancy. On the set, they just had some dude hiding back there and pulling the doors open and shut with a rope. Not so futuristic, but probably more reliable, as long as you can afford a minion (minions are cheap in the future, I guess).

This door, designed and constructed by a guy named Alex Shakespeare, is low profile, quiet, and most importantly, fully automatic. It can't entirely duplicate the sheer brainpower of the doors in the show, which somehow were able to recognize when a main character intended to stop and deliver a cutting remark before making their exit, but in all fairness, you're not as clever with words as Captain Picard anyway, so it's not like it'll ever matter.

See the door in action, below.

Alex Shakespeare, via 8-Bit Life

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