Are wine snobs too snooty to accept a paper bottle?

Milk used to come in glass bottles, but that ended when daily milk deliveries petered out. Now environmentalists are looking at the way wine is sold, arguing that a paper bottle would help save the planet. But will wine snobs be willing to give up their glass bottles to go green?

Wine in a box has been fighting its low rent image for years, so the paper wine bottle takes a concept that's really pretty similar and gives it a more familiar shape. Like boxed wine, the paper bottle has a foil bag inside that keeps the liquid from soaking through the container.

Inventor Martin Myerscough says that his bottle weighs about one tenth as much as a glass bottle, and a has a similarly tiny carbon footprint. By deliberately sticking to the standard glass bottle shape and size, the wine maker can continue to use all of the same bottling and storage equipment, but the resulting case will be much lighter to ship.

This all sounds like it might be cool for inexpensive table wines that are bought and quickly consumed, but it's hard to imagine someone storing a paper bottle in their wine cellar for a decade or more.

Design Week, via Gizmodo

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