54 trippy long exposure photos that'll mesmerize you

Anybody with a flashlight and a camera can create a long exposure photograph. Heck, even Roombas can create them, but a photograph is only as great as the artistic vision of its photographer. Without vision, there is no draw, no allure, and no suspension of belief. Luckily, Wes Whaley's long exposure photos are psychedelic and sometimes even satanic (you'll see what we mean in the gallery) enough to keep us entranced.

Whaley isn't using any fancy high-end camera, just a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS from 2008. People always seem to think that owning a really expensive camera will help them capture great photos, but the truth is, a lot can squeezed out of cameras that are only a few years old. It's not the tech that you have, but how you use it.

Flip on through below for 54 winners. If that's not enough, you can hop over to Wes Whaley's Flickr for a bunch more.

More Amazing Photography

Via Wes Whaley's Flickr

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