Gallery: what one million printed photos look like (in a big pile)

Exactly how many photos are uploaded to Flickr in just 24 hours? Enough to create mounds and mounds of photos to fill an art gallery in Amsterdam (and not even a tiny one too!). If Scrooge McDuck had been crazy about photography, this is what it'd look like.

Artist Erik Kessler's exhibit at the Foam gallery in Amsterdam features over 1 million printed pictures. Each print is a real photo that was uploaded to Flickr within one 24 hour day span. When specifically? He doesn't say.

Speaking to Creative Review, Kessels says that "We're exposed to an overload of images nowadays" and that "This glut is in large part the result of image-sharing sites like Flickr, networking sites like Facebook, and picture-based search engines. Their content mingles public and private, with the very personal being openly and unselfconsciously displayed. By printing all the images uploaded in a 24-hour period, I visualize the feeling of drowning in representations of other peoples' experiences."

It's in interesting statement on how "social" our digital lives are. Nowadays, we share photos without a second thought. For all you know your photos could be in that gallery and you don't even know it! Maybe it's time we step back, and look carefully at what we share instead of uploading every blurry and lousy photo from our memory cards to Flickr and Facebook.

Foam, via Geekosystem

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