105 geek gift ideas (and counting), now on the Holiday Gift Guide

This year we're doing our gift guides a little different. You don't need us to tell you about the iPhone 4S or the Kindle Fire as gift ideas — you already know about those. Instead, we're looking to help connect you with small, geeky designers, or nerdy nothings you could make yourself. There's 105 gift ideas currently, with many more to come.

One Hub To List 'Em All

Every one of our gift lists for 2011 lives in or will be going into this guide. Bookmark it, check it on the dates you see listed, and you won't miss a thing. You'll also get a little hint as to what we're releasing next, up above the categories (as of this post: Wearable Technology — and there are a bunch more to come).

Clicking on a category takes you to the list, and clicking down into the items below will tell you a little more about each — and provide access to a handy little button.

Easy To Share

You can share the guide, a category or even just an individual item across a variety of options on this here Internet. Click "I Want This" and we'll even drop a little hint to your Facebook friends to let them know what you've got your eye on.

One note: as of this post we're still wrestling with that Google+ implementation. Google+ is relatively new ground for designers and engineers. Still, it's not working the way we want it to, and we just wanted to give you a heads up that we're working on it.

The Gift Guides Saga So Far

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