Zombie-slayer family portraits blur Living Dead with Mad Max

This is the Bellingham family. Like any other family out there, they like picnics in the park, road trips, homemade body armor and zombie huntin'.

Mr. Bellingham, who goes by "ChainCrafts" on Craftster, said that the photo shoot was a birthday present for his wife. In fact, it was her idea: "My wife only asked for one thing for her birthday this year," he writes. "She wanted to do a Post-Apocalypse/Zombie Slaying family photo shoot! To that end, I created armor for all of us."

That's right, Bellingham made all the armor, from the sweet Mad Maxian digs he and his wife are sporting, to the adorable teddy-bear-adorned carapace his daughter wears. Jessica Bjorn of Bakan Photography took all the amazing photos — check 'em out below.

ChainCrafts, via Craftster Blog, via Craftzine, via Boing Boing

All photos by Jessica Bjorn/Bakan Photography.

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