Yes, Sprint will offer unlimited data with the iPhone 4S

Here's some exciting news for you data hogs who are sick of data caps from Verizon and AT&T: Sprint has announced that it'll officially offer it's unlimited plan for the iPhone 4S.

Sprint is nowhere near as large as the other two carriers offering the iPhone, so it has to grab people's attention in other ways, and this is one of 'em. If you're in a place where you can sign a new contract, this may be pretty tempting. Sprint is traditionally a good deal cheaper than the two big guys, and if you live in a place where their service is good, this looks like it'll be a great offer.

After all, the real price you pay for a phone isn't the price of the device, it's that monthly bill. You might as well keep it as low as possible.

PhoneScoop via Gizmodo

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