Would you like to check your bank accounts using Kinect?

Managing your online banking account is boring stuff, unless you're a banker. A Lithuanian software company thinks that clapping and using hand gestures with Kinect would make banking more fun. We're just laughing at the idea.

Kinect's great for a lot of things: casual gaming and hacking. If there's one thing nobody thought it could be used for, it's for banking. Lithuanian company Etronika thinks that people actually want to bank from the couch at home. We disagree.

It already feels like work managing bank accounts on a computer; doing hand waves and clapping isn't going to make it any more entertaining. Just like you can't make working on spreadsheets any more interesting with Kinect (somebody prove us wrong!).

Etronika's CEO Kestutis Gardziulis says his company is working on facial and voice recognition in a later version of the software. We can see those two features used for a quick one-two login, but what else?

We admire Etronika's thoughtful attempt, but in the end, Kinect's just not the right interface for banking. Games and robots — yes. Banking — no.

Via Wired

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