Wi-Fi equipped cork keeps a digital eye on your wine

Storing and serving wine can be a hit-or-miss job if you don't have a high-tech wine cooler. This digital cork aims to make the job easier by giving you a readout of the temperature, and telling you when the wine is perfect for drinking.

Experts say that 50°F is about right for storage, but reds need to be a bit warmer before serving, while whites should be cooler. Short of the extreme faux pas of sticking a thermometer in the neck, it's hard to get it right.

The Digital Cork replaces the bottle's standard stopper, and keeps tabs on the temperature at all times. Using its Wi-Fi connectivity, it can send you a warning if temperature starts to fall outside the optimum range, and lets you know when the wine has reached the proper serving temperature. It can even be set up to let you know when the wine has reached the perfect age, although presumably this information needs to be entered when you store it.

This concept from designers Kwang-wi Park and Eun-ji Lim looks like a cool idea, but it's probably going to get expensive if you have an large wine collection.

Via Yanko Design

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