Watch-shaped Post-Its put reminders and to-do lists on your wrist

Created to stop people from writing on their hands (it ruins skin), these Post-Its shaped like wristwatches sure beat the original square-shaped stickies in usability.

These days, most people keep their reminders and to-do lists on their smartphones or computers, but back in the day, Post-It stickies were actually used for jotting down notes and stuff instead of just for making huge stop-motion art.

Doriane Favre's Post-Its keep notes and reminders on your wrist, so you don't forget them. Yeah, we'd look like little Kindergarteners wearing them around, but who cares? Our Post-Its would be cooler than yours.

Good design doesn't come cheap, though. A pack of 100 stickies costs about $14.

PA-Design, via Likecool

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