Video: Japan's flying spy drone hunts you down at nearly 40 mph

Created by researchers at Japan's Ministry of Defense, this little ball-shaped "spy drone" can hover like a helicopter, but also zip around at high speeds like a plane — albeit a slow one. Well, slow for a plane, but fast for a spy ball.

What exactly this little guy is going to be used for is unclear, but in the video below you get a sense that it could fill a variety of roles. It's agile, maneuverable and durable: it's different modes of flight means it could hover outside a window or chase someone down, and its tough spherical body allows it to come in for a rolling landing and pass over a variety of terrain.

Crazier than the fact that this thing can zip around at nearly 40 miles per hour may be that it only cost Japan's engineers $1,400 to put together, using a lot of spare parts and over-the-counter tech.

Side note: we dig that little carrying case they made for it that it pops out of right in the beginning. It's like something you'd find at Aperture Science from Portal. See it all in the video below.

TechCrunch, via TDW Geeks

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